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Emina Cheese Setup Mangga


Mango Cheese Setup Bread

4pcs Fresh Bread

300ml UHT Milk

80ml Mango Juice

10gr Sugar

60gr Emina Cheese Mild



30gr Emina Cheese Mild

50gr Mango Cut Dice

2gr Square Mika Box


Mango Cheese Bread

  1. Cut the bread into large dice
  2. Mango custard; Cook milk, Mango Juice, sugar, and Emina Cheese Mild until dissolved and boiling, set aside
  3. Put the bread slide in the mica box and drizzle with the mango custard, then put the bread back in, pour the mango custard again, top with grated Emina Cheese Mild and mango Emina cheese setup
  4. mango bread is ready to be served