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Emina Cheese Kue Manja



150gr Flour 

20gr Milk Powder

30gr Sugar

1gr Egg

1gr Baking Soda

250gr Water

1gr Salt

1gr Vanilla Essence

10gr Cooking Oil


Cheese Custard

100gr Emina Cheese Mild

250gr Water

2gr Egg Yolk

50gr Sugar

15gr Maizena 



  1. Mis Sugar and Eggs until it is slightly fluffy.
  2. Add flour, milk powder, baking powder, and salt, mix well
  3. Add water, stir them until smooth, add cooking oil and baking soda
  4. Pour the batter into a round shape, set aside

Cheese Custard / Filling

  1. Ingredients 1: Melt Emina Cheese Mild with milk
  2. Ingredients 2: Mix sugar, egg yolk, cornstarch
  3. Mix ingredients 1 into ingredients 2 little by little and mix until smooth
  4. Boil all ingredients, cool it by wrapping the custerd with the skin