is a manufacturing company that produces processed cheese. EMINA CHEESE was established in May 2017 from the cooperation of two well-known Japanese Companies, Mitsubishi Corporation and Rokko Butter Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi Corporation

is the biggest trading company in Japan with years of experience since 1919 in Indonesia.


is one of the best cheese producents with more than 60 years of experience in producing quality processed cheese in Japan.

Behind EMINAS’s Smile

EMINA came from Japanese phrase ‘Egao Wo Mina Ni’
which means Cheese will bring a smile to everyone.

In EMINA, we emphasize the word “ fun & happy” and EMINA CHEESE will bring a smile in every bite, because:

EMINA CHEESE is full of nutrition. EMINA CHEESE’s products contain Calcium, Vitamin D, dan Protein that good for the body.
Sharing is caring. EMINA Cheese believes that cheese will taste better if shared with loved ones.
EMINA CHEESE is perfect to be enjoyed in every situation.
EMINA CHEESE has various products and flavors. It won’t make you bored!

Hello, we are EMINA! We promise to always bring smile and happiness with every bite of our cheese. We ensure to give the best quality from our products while also contributing to building a better society through healthier product choices. So, eat EMINA Cheese and let the smile brighten up your day.

- President Director, Hiroyuki Okada



Contributing to creating a new eating culture for society through production and selling products that can benefit all of the employees


Be no. 1 processed cheese producers in Asia.


1. For the team
2. For the consumers
3. Be fun!

Company Policy

All of our management and employee are always actively involved to make sure that our products are healthy, high-quality, halal, and safe for consumption, align with legal requirements, and always committing to sustainability improvement.


Kawasan Industri MM2100 Jl. Jawa Blok G,
Desa Gandamekar Cikarang Barat Bekasi 17520.

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Tel. 021-2214-3770 ext. 3219