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Emina Cheese Coffee Cake


Sponge Cake

4g Egg yolk

6gr Whole egg

250gr Sugar

30gr Developer

50gr Milk powder

250gr Flour

200gr Margarine

6gr Baking Powder


Cheese Ganache

165gr Emina Cheese Block Mild

200gr Fresh Milk

75gr White Choco

75gr Sugar


Coffee Cream

300gr Butter

200gr Cream

100gr Sweetened Condensed Milk

60gr Granulated sugar

40gr Milk powder

3gr Rum essence

8gr Coffee

8gr Water

8gr Coffee essence


Sponge Layer Cake

  1. Mix egg, sugar, and developer until fluffy
  2. Mix dry ingredients, flour, milk powder, and baking powder
  3. Heat margarine and butter and cool it down
  4. Pour margarine and butter into the dough
  5. Mix all until well blended
  6. Pour into a 40 x 60 tin and heat in 180 degrees in the oven for up to 15 minutes


Cheese Ganache

  1. Ingredient 1: Melt Emina Cheese Block Mild with milk
  2. Add all the remaining ingredients until its combined


Coffee Cream

  1. Mix butter, cream sweetened condensed milk, milk powder, and rum essence until fluffy
  2. Mix ground coffee and water, stir until smooth, then add coffee essence
  3. Mix together until smooth