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Batagor Mozza



120gr Dory Fish

300gr Tapioca Flour

20gr Shrimp

12gr Garlic

1gr Egg

1gr White Pepper Powder

2gr Flavor

2gr Salt

140gr Warm Water

90gr Emina Cheese Mozza

50gr Dumpling Skin


Peanut Sauce

150gr Peanuts

20gr Curly Red Chillies

15gr Garlic

10gr Sugar

3gr Orange Leaves

3gr Salt

100gr Cooking Oil




  1. Mix & Blend All ingredients except tapioca flour, dumpling skin, warm water & Emina Cheese Mozza
  2. Prepare a large bowl, dissolve tapioca flour with warm water gradually and evenly then add the blended dough, stir until everything is well blended
  3. Cut Emina Cheese Mozza into small cubes approximately 5mm in size
  4. Prepare the dumpling skin then put the dough in the middle and Emina Cheese Mozza then cover the dough or fold it like a flower
  5. Fry Batagor using oil at 175 C or until the color is golden brown

Peanut Sauce

  1. Blend all ingredients and cooking oil in the blender
  2. heat on a frying pan until the color of the chilly turns golden brown