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Emina Cheese Gugelhupf


Gugelhupf Ingredients:

25gr Emina Cheese Mild

150gr Butter

100gr Sugar Icing

1gr Whole Egg

2gr Egg Yolk

2gr Baking Powder

120gr Flour

2gr Egg White

100gr Sugar


Cheese Ganache Ingredients:

40gr Emina Cheese Mild

90gr Fresh Milk

25gr White Chocolate

25gr Sugar



  1. Mix butter and sugar icing until it become fluffy
  2. Add egg yolk and whole egg, stir until fluffy
  3. Add flour and baking powder and Emina Cheese Mild, then stir until it well blended
  4. Mix with another bowl of white egg and sugar until it expands
  5. Mix well the white egg that have risen with the dough
  6. Put into the oven with the temperature of 180 degrees celsius for 30 minutes


Cheese Ganache

  1. Ingredients 1: Melt Emina Cheese Mild and mix it with milk
  2. Put all the remaining ingredient until it boils