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Emina Cheese Chicken Wanpaku Sandwich


150gr Chicken Breast

30gr Flour

1gr Egg

20gr Bread Flour

2gr Fresh Bread

100gr Curly Lettuce

50gr Tomatoes

2gr Emina Slice Cheese Cedda

30gr Zukini

20gr Carrots

50gr Red Cabbage

50gr Lettuce

0.5gr Lemon

2gr Boiled Egg

40gr Mayonnase

  1. Flatten the chicken breast then coat in with flour, and dip into egg micxture
  2. Lift the chicken and coat it again with breadcrumbs and fry until it well cooked and set aside
  3. Toast 2 breads and set aside
  4. Make Tar-Tar Sauce which the ingredients are, Mayonnaise, chopped boiled egg and lemon juice) set aside
  5. Make Zucchini pickled, read cabage and carrots
  6. Add 1 Bread, spread it with mayonnaise, add curly lettuce, tomato then Emina Slice Cheese Cedda
  7. Put the fried chicken breast with tar-tar sauce and chopped boiled egg
  8. Egg 3 pickles and Emina Slice Cheese Cedda
  9. Cover it with lettuce ice breg and bread that has been smeared with mayonnaise
  10. Wrap with parchment paper and cut into 2 pieces
  11. Emina Cheese Chicken Wanpaku Sandwich is ready to serve