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Emina Cheese Car Pao Sandwich


Car Pao Ingredients

15gr Emina Slice Cheese Cedda

250gr Wheat Flour

75gr Tengmien Flour

30gr Sugar

10gr Yeast

150gr Milk or Cold Water

40gr White Butter

1gr Egg

2gr Salt

Food Coloring






  1. Stir all the dry ingredients until it well blended, exclude the salt. Then add the egg, mix well
  2. Add the Milk, stir until it half smooth, then add the butter and salt in, stir until it well smooth
  3. Divide the dough at 35gr round it up then roll up slightly
  4. Polish the inside dough with oil
  5. Shape the character as desired and place the dough on the wax paper
  6. Rest 30 to 45 minutes until it puffed
  7. Steam the car pao for 7 minutes over medium heat
  8. Fill the car pao sandwich with Emina Slice Cheese Cedda, and put the vegetables and nuggets as desire and Emina Cheese Car Pao is ready to serve