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Emina Beef Rollade


100gr Carrots

150gr Onions

20gr Red Onions

40gr Garlic

10gr Flour

4gr Eggs

50gr Bread Crumbs

5gr Sugar

5gr Black Pepper

2gr Coriander

10gr Beef Seasoning

30gr Cold Water

10gr Maizena

1gr Salt

  1. Cut the carrots, lenghtwise, then boil them until they’re cooked
  2. Crack 3 eggs and mix, make 4 omelettes with a diameter of 20cm
  3. Chop and saute all onions
  4. Put all ingredients from ingredients number 7-17, grind them until smooth and mix with the chopped onions.
  5. Place and spread the beef on top of the omelette
  6. Place the carrot and Emina Cheese Block Rich piece by piece on top of the beff
  7. Roll it slowly until it’s rounded
  8. Wrap it with plastic wrap over and over
  9. Steam for about 2 minutes
  10. Cut the beef roll based on your taste
  11. Grate Emina Cheese Block Mozza on the beff roll then torch the cheese until it melts