History of EMINA Cheese

Established in May 2017, PT EMINA CHEESE INDONESIA, or EMINA, is a processed cheese company, a joint venture between two Japan-based leading companies, Mitsubishi Corporation and Rokko Butter Co., Ltd.
60 tahun berpengalaman di Jepang mengolah keju berkualitas

Who are they? Let's find out!

Mitsubishi Corporation as the largest trading company in Japan
has decades of experience in Indonesian market since its inception in 1919.
Meanwhile, Rokko Butter Co., Ltd. is one of the leading cheese producers
with 60 years of experience in crafting high quality processed cheese in Japan.
Its unrivaled expertise is guaranteed to serve you the best quality and tasteful cheese for every occasion!

Behind all the smiles

EMINA is derived from
a Japanese term
'Egao Wo Mina Ni'(Make Everyone
Smile With Cheese)

In EMINA, we put "fun" in our products and every bite of EMINA Cheese promises to bring a smile to your face, because:

EMINA provides a healthy snack rich in calcium, Vitamin D and Protein.
Sharing is fun and EMINA is for sharing. EMINA Cheese Stick provides new concept of cheese snacking to be shared with your loved ones.
EMINA is for every occasion. EMINA Cheese Stick is practical and can be enjoyed in every moment.
Never a dull moment with EMINA, since it comes in many choices. EMINA Cheese Stick is available in variety of tasteful flavors for you to choose.
We also have our mascot, EMII.
It loves cheese so much, more than anything!

Company Profile

Kawasan Industri MM2100
Jl. Jawa Blok G, Desa Gandamekar Cikarang Barat
Bekasi 17520

Tel. 021-2214-3770 ext. 3219


Contributing to Society by Creating New Food Culture through Production and Sales of Products which all of our employee can be proud of


To be No.1 Processed Cheese Manufacture in Asia


For the Team
For the Consumer
Be Fun
Hello, we are EMINA! We promise to always bring smile and happiness through every bite of our cheese. We are committed to provide quality products and contribute in building a better society through healthier products. Eat EMINA Cheese and let the smile brighten your day.
- President Director, Hiroyuki Okada