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EMINA Cheese Stick

Pelopor keju stick di Dunia kini hadir di Indonesia

EMINA Cheese Stick

EMINA Cheese Stick is a practical, delicious, and nutritious cheese snack, perfect to enjoy and to share with your closest friends and family. Comes in a variety of flavors, EMINA Cheese Stick will bring a smile in every bite!

One pack contains:
• Calcium equals to 2 glasses of milk (High Calcium)
• Vitamin D equals to 17 glasses of milk (High Vitamin D)
• Good source of Protein

EMINA Cheese Block

Cheese Block MILD

EMINA processed cheddar cheese is made from mixture of milk that brings all the goodness of fresh cow's milk. With a milky taste, soft and savory texture that tastes just right, EMINA Cheese Block MILD is perfect for all types of dishes, bring a smile in every bite!

Cheese Block RICH

An authentic EMINA processed cheddar from real cheese that contains high calcium and protein . With a soft and easy to shred texture, EMINA Cheese Block RICH makes all dishes so special, brings a smile of togetherness in each dish.

Cheese Block MOZZA

With a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, EMINA Cheese Block MOZZA has a soft and chewy texture that brings a unique new flavor to every meal. The melting sensation of EMINA Cheese Block MOZZA is sure to brings up the appetite and always bring a smile.

Also available in Dice Cut & 2 Kilogram

Available in 170gr, 2kg, 10 kg, & Dice Cut

One pack (170gr) contains:
• Calcium equals to 3 glasses of milk (High Calcium) (Mild, Rich, Mozza)
• Vitamin D equals to 60 glasses of milk (High Vitamin D) (Mild, Rich, Mozza)
• Good source of Protein (Rich and Mozza)

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